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Then and Now: Lauren

Wish kid Lauren today and, on right, with Buddy the Cake Boss during her wish in 2010.

“ I want to give children hope, the way Make-A-Wish gave me hope. ”

- Lauren

When I was 13, doctors diagnosed me with cancer and told me I may have the opportunity for a wish because of my illness. I was so excited about the idea but my first thought was, "I just want to get better and be healthy." As it turns out, Make-A-Wish® was part of my journey back to health.

As I progressed in my chemotherapy, I started watching a show called "Cake Boss." I saw how the main baker, Buddy, would make all these different types of cakes for people. The joy on their faces was something I wanted to give to people also. 

After an incredible wish reveal at a cake decorating class, my family and I flew to New Jersey for my wish. I remember standing outside of his bakery with a crowd of people and then all of a sudden there he was! I expected a handshake and got a huge bear hug instead. All I could think was, " I can’t believe this is really happening! And he smells like cupcakes!" 

Buddy and I worked on my cake and I tried all of his delicious pastries. At one point, Buddy even offered me a cake decorating job! I had one of the best times of my life at his bakery. My wish of meeting Buddy inspired a love of cooking and baking that I still have today. 

Looking back now seven years later, my wish has influenced my life in so many ways, but most importantly it inspired me to become a Registered Nurse. I want to give children hope, the way Make-A-Wish gave me hope. I always try to encourage people to sponsor wish kids and to support Make-A-Wish. It is a fantastic organization that gives children opportunities that they might not have had before. Make-A-Wish has truly done so much for me and other children who have had their wishes granted.

My wish has influenced my life in so many ways... ”

— Lauren

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