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Jaylin Shoots Hoops with Fave NBA Player

  • Jaylin was so excited when he learned his wish to meet NBA player Steph Curry was coming true, that he threw aside his crutches and started shooting hoops.

  • Just like throughout his battle with his liver disorder, Jaylin had the support of his family with him while he was on his wish.

“ ...I know for certain [his] strength is from his wish. ”

- Shemeka, wish mom

A wish so often represents more than a moment in time. A wish is hope. A wish is strength. A wish is a glimpse into the future- where a child battling a critical illness is without needles, pain and hospital visits. For wish kid Jaylin, his wish was that and so much more.

When Make-A-Wish® volunteers first visited him, Jaylin told them all about his love for basketball, wrestling and Nintendo. He ultimately decided that if he could have a wish for anything in the world, he wanted to play basketball with Steph Curry.

Before his wish, Jaylin had hit a low point in balancing his condition with his teenage years. After doctor’s diagnosed him with a liver disorder, Jaylin took to the couch. He could no longer play on sports teams because of his condition, and he even stopped playing basketball outside with his friends.

But that summer, Jaylin’s outlook started to shift. The darkness started to fade, and he was letting light in again after he learned he’d be meeting his favorite basketball player. When the Make-A-Wish volunteers told him that his wish was granted, “he threw aside his crutches and started shooting hoops,” said his mom, Shemeka. “He was so excited!”

And that excitement didn’t fade.

Jaylin loved meeting Steph Curry and playing basketball with him. His mom shared that it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

When he came back home, his mom Shemeka noticed more changes. “He’s spending less time in bed. He’s up and playing basketball outside with the other kids,” she said.

Jaylin’s in the middle of his freshman year in high school and the hope of his wish continues to ensure he pursues the bright future that’s ahead of him. “His strength gives all of us strength…and I know for certain that strength is from his wish,” said Shemeka.

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