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Lausanne Make-A-Wish club grants child's wish

“Make-A-Wish is more than an organization, it’s a part of my identity." Emma, Lausanne Collegiate School student
When Emma arrived as a freshman to Lausanne Collegiate School, she was dead set on bringing life back to the idle Make-A-Wish club. Now a senior and president of the club, she is extremely proud to see all of her hard work paying off.

However, Emma admits it wasn’t her own doing alone, but the collaborative effort of her teachers and peers as well. “As president of the club, I have to inspire and talk to others. If you’re not truly passionate about what you do, you won’t be able to get others to be passionate either,” she said in regard to her leadership role in the club.

As a result, the club’s impact on the entire school is self-evident. The school held a Princess Pageant event for wish kid Anna, and Emma recollects how everyone came together for one sole purpose- to make Anna happy. “We had choreographed dances, teachers helping set up, students working on decorations and dressing up as characters. Everyone felt included,” said Emma.

The immense personal impact the club has had on Emma is also undisputable. After losing her friend to a terminal illness, she refers to the club as “closure” that ignited her passion to give back, saying, “When you see how deserving all these people are, it makes you fight that much harder.”

And that hard work undoubtedly has made for some enlightening moments as well, as she later recalls during the pageant for Anna, “When the music started, and I looked over at Anna with the biggest smile on her face, that was moment I realized that this is really happening. Everything that we’ve worked so hard for in the last two years has paid off.”

As her time at Lausanne is coming to a close, she is confident her legacy will remain strong within the club, acknowledging the great progress she has made in her ability to inspire those around her, show compassion for others, and grow in confidence as a leader.

When asked about her plans to remain involved with Make-A-Wish in the future, Emma expressed clear intent and motivation to do so.

Without exceptional leaders like Emma, Make-A-Wish would not be able to grant the hundreds of wishes that have positively changed so many lives. Every last bit of support makes a difference, and Make-A-Wish commends the admirable work Emma and the Lausanne Make-A-Wish club have achieved.

“This organization is something I’m really passionate about. I could never walk away from it.” - Emma, Lausanne Collegiate School student

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